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CHAPTER 01 - "Welcome to the Kuremi Detective Agency"

First off, Kyoko explains that you cannot wander about in your unstable, "Half-Cyber" body. It is made up only of data, so it should be repaired by adding "Junk Data" to make it look like a normal EDEN avatar. She gives your very first quest: to aquire this Junk data for repairs in Kowloon Lv.1. Hearing a "Strange Voice" You get sucked into the Television. This is a way to get back to EDEN through a Digital Network comprised of glowing 'hotspots" where Digimon attack you, but be careful. The tutorial is over. If you end here, it is "GAME OVER", so save and heal when you need it.

You will see the baby forms (In Training I) ofPunimonandBotamonhere. If you stay long enough, you will also be able to get a scan of (In Training II)Bukamon.

Kyoko calls you on your Digivice when you exit the other end of the Network into EDEN's servers. She reminds you to head to Kowloon, but when she disconnects you follow the voice again for your very first visit to the DigiLab where Mirei Mikagura introduces herself and explains all of the Labs features to you. Be sure to "Convert" your scans and move the New Digimon into your party. This is also where you will find a Mirror Dungeon on the Right side with Digital Network 1. It is where you will find a return path to any dungeon you have completed. Go back if you need a better scan, or more than one of the 3 Digimon scans located here.


Once you get to Kowloon Lv.1, there will be markers showing the Avatar parts Kyoko has located for your use. Collect each of them until you get to whrere the EATER attacked you. Pick up any Loot boxes you see on your way. Kyoko calls you and tells you to try to exit by logging out as you normally would when you find the last one. Your body should look normal now. Return to Galactica Park and the DigiLab station. Use the Exit here to Log out of EDEN as you normally will from now on.

This puts you back to the Detective Agency where Kyoko greets you happily. Her father's old partner, Detective Matayoshi, arrives. She tells him you are her new assistant. He says he has a theory about EDEN Syndrome, and has heard a rumor about the special ward where they are isolating the coma patients at the hospital. He explains what this Syndrome is to you. Then, tells you that his goal in life is investigating the Kamishiro Corporation that controls the EDEN servers. Matayoshi flees when Kyoko offers him some coffee and warns you the stuff could be very bad on his way out. She is going to Central Hospital and takes you along. You see a Shy Girl looking at you and getting into the elevator.

Kyoko wants you to use the Elevator to go to the Special Ward and ask the guards there some questions. Then, she calls you to say the Terminal by the Nurse's Station in the General Ward should have an Internet connection to the Special Ward. Get in the Elevator to go there and Connect Jump into the glowing blue Computer station. This takes you to your next Digital Network.

You will see the baby form (In Training I) ofPoyomon. There is also the (In Training II) forms of Motimon andTanemon.

She tells you to grab the data she wants off of the Server there and hurry back before you are caught, but you make several unexpected discoveries here. One of which are one of the coma patients. Head through the double doors to interact with the sceen highlighted by a large exclaimation point. As you leave, the Shy Girl finds you. She lets you ask three questions. You have to ask all three to continue the conversation. Kyoko tells you there is about to be an uninvited guest. This is the first appearance of Rie Kishibe, who will be the antagonist for most of the game. It also tells you the Shy Girl is named Yuuko. You must hide and flee the Special Ward.

You take a return trip back through the same Digital Network. Meet Kyoko in the Lobby. This returns you to the Detective Agency. She tries to cheer up the morbid mood you have fallen into after finding yourself in a coma and motivates you into helping her uncover the truth about Kamishiro, EDEN Syndrome, and all of the secrets they are keeping. She dubbs you officially her new assistant with a cup of Seaweed and red bean paste coffee! Ackk!!

You get 1,000 CSP (Cyber Sleuth Rank Points) and are prompted to save the game...

Kyoko tells you if this is to be your new base of operations, you need to meet everyone in Nakano. She explains the Whiteboard and Cases to you.

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Chapter 01 - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Guide - IGN (2024)


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