Chapter 15 - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Guide - IGN (2024)

Kentaurosmon is in the Free Area of EDEN, but he is far too fast to get him to slow down long enough for a chat. You go to the Agency to discuss a solution. He suggests getting UlforceVeedramon on our side to match his speed with our own. She hasn't been able to locate him, but believes Mirei can get him from a Parallel World. Just a thought, but if we can Digimon from a Parallel World, the EATERs may also be from one of them. Mirei suggests that a Digimon must be born with special skills to cross the boundaries between worlds. To create it you will need Steel Will and Harmonious Will. Using these skills to create a Digimon will give you what you need.

You will have to use the Square button's Hacking skill Stealth Hide to get into the Underground area sealed off by Government soldiers to find Magnamon. the Shibuya Digital Shift is where you were technically chasing Etemon before, so it's loot boxes and multiple pathways should look vaguely familiar to you. There are blue markers here that open the path you need to find him. The path should be an exclaimation point on your map until you take down the Digimon at the marker. Go past the DigiLab and down the tracks. Magnamon is looking for those two Digimon you helped earlier...Lopmon and Tokomon. Nokia shows up at the perfect time with the two in tow. Everyone is delighted. He decides to work with Omnimon and the humans to repay his debt.

Don't think you are getting out of this without a fight. Dynasmon returns and he is upset with Magnamon and all of you, too. He attacks. Magnamon fights by your side to stop him. You get a Memory UP and Magnamon gives you the Harmonious Will. You get 1,000 CSP, and pulled back to the Agency.

Gankoomon in Ueno is trying to teach his pupil Hackmon a lesson. He sends him to defeat BanchoLeomon with you at his side. Hackmon wants nothing to do with you. He runs into the museum at the back side of this area. You will need to use Stealth Hide to get in the door. Most of this area is blocked off. If you go up the right stairs and through the doorway to the left, it should lead you to the blue markers that open it up. The Connect Jump location above the marker has two exits, lots of items. One exit takes you to a Mummymon Medal. The terminal in the first room you passed up has two exits. One takes you to a BankExpansionDrive. It also has lots of items. If you go in them, they are placed in your Mirror Dungeon at the DigiLab for later use. The last room has BanchoLeomon and the defeated Hackmon. You help him lift his spirits and win the fight. Kill him as quick as you can; once he starts his "Flashy Boss Punch" it takes a lot of heals to keep standing.

Hackmon evolves into a new Royal Knight; Jesmon. You get the Steel Will. You get 1,000 CSP. She tells you to talk to Mirei, but she just tells you it will take some time to summon a special Digimon. Don't just sit back and wait, though. I have found you can use the Steel Will with a Patamon to make the Hackmon. I haven't found anything yet that evolves with the Harmonious Will, though.

After you talk to Mirei, Kyoko will apologize for it taking so long, but tells you to not sit around. She tells you to take on a few more cases...When you leave the Agency door, you will see your Ghost Hunting partner friend with an "!" over his head. He tells you there have been rumors of the "White Boy" being spotted in Kowloon again, and says it may be a good time to get more photos. You can do a million case quests, but the storyline will not continue until you go to EDEN an check out Kowloon as he asked.

Now, go to the Galacta Park in Kowloon 1 and listen to yet another ghost story. You will be prompted to return to the agency, because new case appeared Yuuko and Yuugo.

Take it from the quest board at the agency and go to the Hospital, where you should talk with nurse behind the desk, right of entrance. Yuuko will inform you about her plans to delete the Yuugo avatar she was using in EDEN.Her reasoning is that Rie created it and used her to lead the Zaxon's and all of EDEN's hackers into destruction. You point out that the avatar technically belongs to her older brother Yuugo. She agrees, but she still wishes to do it and wants you to be there to witness the avatar's final moments.

As she hits the delete button, Yuuko will be interrupted by the fact that the avatar CANNOT be deleted. She tries several times until you tell her about the event in Kowloon related to the ghost story you listened to earlier at Galacta Park. Yuuko asks you to help her, as she has gotten all fired up thinking someone else is using the avatar to mislead the Zaxon's once more. You point out that she will be vulnerable in EDEN without Digimon of her own and she tells you that the RizeGreymon and Machinedramon on her brother's account will listen to her even on her Yuuko avatar, so she should be alright. It bumps you downstairs to the lobby where you get a phone call and a keyword "Yuugo's Whereabouts". You can use the terminal right beside of you to go to EDEN and look through Kowloon 1. Talk with people as you go (to progress story it is important to speak with the person near the lift to Kowloon 2).

After that, take the elevator and follow the road to the next area - you should meet with Yuuko. She is in the first zone beyond the DigiLab station. Standing on the far left side with another other hacker, Yuuko is waiting for you. She tells you what she has learned and gets a message on her Digivice telling her to meet where it all began and sending an invitation to a special URL. She is astounded as only her and Mrs. Rie know that location. She begs you to come with her in case it is a trap and you agree.

You meet the "ghost" and have a long discussion where he asks Yuuko why she would want to delete the avatar created to protect EDEN from evil. He says the account has not been hacked as she believes, Rie Kishibe created it with its own AI, in order to manipulate her. He says she has used this program for years. They have been partners protecting the world her family loved so much. Why then, would she delete him? He asks her to protect EDEN by his side, but she is determined. Yuugo's AI avatar program, however is just as determined to not be erased. There is a fight with Machinedramonand Yuugo which starts; RizeGreymon chooses to side with Yuuko for the battle. You get a Master Guard item at the end of the battle.

The "ghost" program agrees gracefully to being deleted once the battle concludes, however Yuuko has changed her mind. He fought bravely to stay in EDEN as its guardian and she cannot bring herself to destroy him anymore. She asks RizeGreymon to remain at her side despite no longer being Yuugo. To agree, he evolves for her becoming even stronger to protect her without Machinedramon at his side. She is happy, but laments the form she knew.

Chapter 15 - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Guide - IGN (2024)


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