Destiny 2's Subclass-Themed Shaders Are a Controversy Waiting to Happen (2024)


  • Destiny 2's shader game has leveled up with intricate textures and subclass-themed designs like never before.
  • The Stasis and Strand shaders reflect specific subclasses, but controversy may arise from their real money-only purchase.
  • The introduction of these shaders could set a new standard for future designs, but their acquisition method may need reconsideration.

Destiny 2 has been upping its shader game as of late, especially after the addition of the Superblack shader that came with the Into the Light update. From Destiny 2's first year to today, shaders have gone from providing simple color schemes to much more complex color combinations with satisfying and highly visible textures. Based on what can be seen so far in the MMO's most recent expansion, The Final Shape, even more of these intricately detailed shaders are up for grabs, with some even directly corresponding to certain subclasses, which is somewhat unprecedented for Destiny 2.

Available now are two shaders specifically designed to reflect Stasis and Strand, two of the game's subclasses that were added in the Beyond Light and Lightfall expansions, respectively. While the game has certainly featured shaders with similar color patterns to these subclasses as well as others, none have been so obviously designed as these to reflect specific subclasses. Unfortunately, while these shaders are attractive and worth acquiring, they are a controversy waiting to happen due to the method required for obtaining them. That being said, they should set a precedent for future shader designs, only perhaps for shaders that are obtainable through less controversial means.


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Destiny 2's Subclass-Themed Shaders Walk a Very Fine Line

Options Like Destiny 2's Stasis and Strand Shaders Have Been a Long Time Coming

On the one hand, Destiny 2's Strand and Stasis subclass-themed shaders have been a long time coming — especially Strand. There has been a dire need for a proper Strand-themed shader that isn't just a bright or dark combination of shades of green since the subclass' debut, and while several shaders have been added to the game that somewhat reflect a Stasis-esque color scheme, they have all been missing the frozen textures they should arguably have. As such, there is at least one reason for rejoicing that shaders like these have finally arrived, and their addition should set a precedent for the future.

More shaders like the Stasis and Strand-themed shaders should be added in the future that correspond to the rest of Destiny 2's subclasses. Again, for example, the game has seen plenty of red and orange shaders added that very well could be deemed "Solar shaders," but the textures and animations that most of Destiny 2's more recent shaders have are missing. It would also be great to see Prismatic shaders added to the library that are “live,” in a sense, and reflect whatever elements players have equipped in their current Prismatic build. Of course, if Destiny 2 did go in this direction, it would need to reconsider the controversial methods for obtaining shaders like these.

Destiny 2's Stasis and Strand Shaders Are Currently Only Obtainable With Silver

At the moment, Destiny 2's new Stasis and Strand-themed shaders are available only for purchase with Silver via the Eververse store as part of the Episode: Echoes Shader Bundle. While some players might be willing to hand over the cash necessary to acquire the shaders, the issue is that they will most likely be obtainable with Bright Dust in Destiny 2’s second episode over eighteen weeks from now. This is controversial because it preys on players' wallets rather than rewarding them for their time investments in the game by prioritizing real money as a currency over the Bright Dust obtainable simply by playing the game.

It’s unfortunate that some of Destiny 2's best shaders can currently only be acquired using real money, but they nonetheless set a precedent for the game's future. It might do well for Destiny 2 to recognize the appeal of these shaders and instead either offer them in exchange for Bright Dust immediately or as an in-game reward.

Destiny 2's Subclass-Themed Shaders Are a Controversy Waiting to Happen (2)
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Destiny 2's Subclass-Themed Shaders Are a Controversy Waiting to Happen (2024)


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